Eviction Service

We have all heard the adage “Time is Money.” The saying is frightfully meaningful when it becomes necessary to evict a tenant.

A landlord who does not aggressively move to evict its tenant falls prey to the tenant who manipulates the law to their advantage and prolongs their occupancy. The longer a tenant remains in possession, the more money the landlord loses.

No one understands the “games tenants play” better than us. We processed every case as fast as possible under the law.

Representing landlords only
Free Consultation with real estate attorney
Same day Unlawful Detainer filing
Preparation of legal notices
Registered process servers
Licensed attorney prepares and process all evictions (not a Para-legal or
unlawful detainer assistant)

The initial consultation is free and our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry, so you can rest assured that we are on your side and ready to help.