Lease Only Program

The most important factor in renting your property is finding a qualified tenant. The professionals at Metro Property Management are leasing experts. We have extensive experience in residential and commercial leasing. We are the best choice to find well-qualified tenants for your investment property.

Metro Property Management will market your property, find a tenant and manage the move-in. After the lease is executed and the tenant moves in, you take over the management of your property. If you chose our lease only program, you would pay a one time fee when we lease your property. There would be no long-term management contract to sign or ongoing management fees to pay.

Our Lease Only program includes the following services:

  • Initial consultation to discuss how to prepare your property for the rental market.
  • Inspect your property for health and safety issues.
  • Conduct a rental market survey to determine the highest rent for your property.
  • We will market your property by placing a Metro Property Management “For Rent” sign at the property, run ads with photos on our website, list your rental on major rental property websites that we are members of, distribute flyers of your rental to Realtors throughout the area and through printed publications.
  • Metro Property Management will answer all rental inquiries. We will set up appointments with prospective tenants and show the property.
  • We take applications from prospects and carefully screen them for income, employment, credit, past evictions, and criminal records. We also call past Landlords and employers for references.
  • After determining the best-qualified tenant, we will complete the lease and collect the first month’s rent and security deposits.
  • We comply with state laws and city rent control ordinances.
  • We provide state and federally mandated disclosures including Section 290.46 of the Penal Code, Lead-Based Paint Disclosure, Military Ordnance Disclosure, Pest Control Disclosure, Methamphetamine Contamination Disclosures and Interpreter/Translator Agreement.

Our lease only program is available to property owners for a one-time fee. There would be no long-term management contract to sign or ongoing management fees to pay.