Repair Request

To request repairs, please fill out the form below and press the “Submit Request” button at the bottom of the page. Your maintenance request will be e-mailed to us, and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule repairs.

If this is an EMERGENCY, call 408-997-9592, during office hours. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For After-Hours or Holiday Emergencies, please call 408-882-7341.


Non-Emergency and Routine Maintenance

The following are categorized as non-emergency, routine maintenance situations:

Broken Appliances

Small Water Leaks (those which don’t gush on the floor)

No Hot Water

Air Conditioning Repair: While a broken air conditioning unit can cause extreme inconvenience, it is not a maintenance emergency. Nonetheless, we will try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible by calling a repair technician the same or the following day.

Clogged Toilet or Drain: According to the lease, this is not the owner/landlord’s responsibility. The tenant will be charged for repair of drain blockages or stoppages, unless caused by defective plumbing parts or tree roots invading sewer lines.

Lockouts: These are NOT emergencies. We don’t provide lockout service. If you find yourself locked out of your home, call a locksmith.

Please Note: The tenant shall be charged for all damages to the premises as a result of failure to report a problem in a timely manner. Tenants must immediately notify us in writing, of any problem, malfunction or damage.

You can request maintenance service for non-emergency situations by calling us on the number provided above. We check our voice mail three times a day and return calls the same day or by the next morning at the latest.

Emergency Maintenance

Please read the following guidelines as they explain what is deemed a maintenance emergency and what you can do in these situations:


Excessive Water Leak, Overflow or Flooding: Each city has an emergency number to report water leaks. First call the City’s Utility Department to report a water emergency. Turn off the water valve to the pipe or water the main water line to the property until the contractor arrives.

Building Structure Failure: Collapse of roof or wall is an example of build structure failure.

Broken Window, Doorknob or Any Point of Entry: This is considered an emergency only if it keeps the resident from appropriately securing the property. If a temporary fix is available to secure the property wait until business hours, before contacting management.

No Electricity: Not having electricity will be considered a maintenance emergency only if the utility provider told the renter that the company was not responsible for the lack of electricity, AND the resident flipped all breakers first to OFF and then ON position and reset all GFI circuits in the unit. Partial loss of electricity does not constitute an emergency. If a wall outlet begins to spark, smoke or smell, remove all plugs and turn off the switch. If necessary call the fire department if smoke appears around an outlet or switch.

Heater Repair: When outside temperature falls below 40 degrees.

If you are experiencing a hazardous situation that is not listed above but you think that it constitutes an emergency, call us and ask for maintenance support. If it is after business hours, reach us on our emergency number.

If possible please safely take steps to minimize damage to the property (i.e. shut off water valves, gas, and electricity).

Repair Request