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Metro Property Management managed our rental property for 5 years before we decided to sell it. We’ve had such a positive and great experience working with MPM. When we were considering real estate brokers to help us sell our property, it was a no brainer for us to continue working with MPM and their in-house Real Estate Broker, Jeff Minarik. This was the first time we’ve ever sold a property so there were many unknowns for us as this was all new to us. Jeff is very knowledgeable and experienced, and was patient in thoroughly going over the entire process and answering all of our questions. We respect and admire Jeff’s professional recommendations and have gained his trust very quickly.
One of the things we appreciate most about working with Jeff and Mike is that with their combined experienced, they seamlessly were able to work with the current tenants in an early move-out, coordinate all necessary inspections and repairs and meet with potential buyers.
Jeff was always available to answer our questions and clarify any uncertainties. He ensured that all documents were received by us and signed by the deadlines. Another thing that we appreciate most about working with Jeff and Mike is that we could always count on them to keep us updated on all the important items. We never had to ask the status of something because Jeff always kept us in the loop. Selling a home is like a black box to us, we know that there are many moving parts involved, all of which have to be done in a certain order and timeframe. The amazing thing is that we didn’t even need to worry about the details of everything that was happening, Jeff would just let us know when a milestone was achieved.
We received a solid offer in less than 3 days, quicker than we were expecting. Jeff did such an awesome job preparing and showing our property that the offer was above our list price and we didn’t have to reconsider accepting it. If we had to sell another property again, we would definitely consider working with Jeff again, he made our home selling experience seem like such a breeze!

The Lys
Gilroy, CA
May 2017


Metro Property Management is a great management my grandmother and I had rented a property from them we had Mike Sarvis as the manager and he was excellent every time when we had a problem he was on top of it from the plumbing to paperwork he was very helpful.

Kimly C
San Jose, CA


They were my property managers for about two or so years and it was the best experience I have had renting. I rented a studio at The 88 and the building was amazing and my unit was great. Anytime I had an issue, which was very rare, they immediately and efficiently helped. The move out and in and frankly the entire stay was painless due to their professionalism. This was the first time I rented from a property management like this instead of one of those big complexes. With Mike and company you really felt like you were their most important renter. These always keep their word and promises. Highly recommend for renters and people looking for someone to manage their property.

Michael B.
San Jose, CA


I had Mike managing a condo I owned in Morgan Hill. It really made things easy for me. He took care of finding a tenant and doing all the paperwork and back ground checks. Any maintenance issues he could also address. He also was great at documenting the move in condition with pictures. These really came in handy when the tenants moved out. We decided to sell this summer. Mike let me know he could help with the sale and worked with an agent Jeff Minarik. This also made the sale go smoothly as he was able to schedule inspections with the tenants to get it ready to sell. We sold it for over asking the first week. Jeff was great he responded very quickly to any questions I had. They are both very professional and I would highly recommend them.

Donna M.
Aptos, CA

TENANT/Purchased Rental

I rented a property from Metro Property Management for three years and have nothing but great things to say! Mike is attentive and always responded to my inquiries in a timely manner. When I was in need of any repair he was always ready and willing to send help with no hassles or hesitation. I was always kept up to date with any changes happening in the condominium community and informed of my lease expiration and renewal dates. I had such a great experience as a tenant, I used Metro Property Management as a realtor when I purchased a condo! Fortunately, the condo I was renting was being sold my the owner and Mike helped facilitate the sale. I had previously attempted to purchase a condo with a different realtor (who shall remain nameless) and had a horrible experience. As a young professional, purchasing my first property was extremely nerve wrecking. Mike made the transaction as seamless as possible. He communicated with myself and the owner on a daily basis and provided me with a thorough explanation of the purchasing process. I can’t express enough how great of an experience I had working with Metro in both capacities! Thank you, Mike!

Sly M.
Santa Barbara, CA


I am writing this review as a tenant who lived on one of the properties managed by Metro Property Management in the San Jose area. Mike Sarvis, one of the founders of the organization, was personally involved in managing our tenancy during the duration of our stay. We stayed at the property for 2 years and had the most pleasant experience with respect to property management.

We never had any issues during our entire stay and we always got a response to any questions or requests we had for Metro Property Mgmt. We greatly appreciated the promptness and openness of the discussions we had with them.

The move-out process was also a breeze. Mike personally inspected the property meticulously during our move out twi4ce, once during the pre-move out inspection and then the post move-out, which I believe is great news for owners of any property. He was very fair and co-operative during the whole move out process. I can confidently say that this was our most pleasant stay and move out process so far in the Bay Area!

According to me, a good tenancy experience is indicated by how less one has to communicate with the property management during the stay or after it. The lesser the communication needed, the better is the experience. We had to communicate with Metro Property manage for just the bare essentials, which is great!! … The only flip side of it was that we missed an opportunity for the sparkling and friendly conversations with Mike whenever our questions were readily and promptly answered by him just over email.

I highly recommend the services Metro Property Management for tenants and property owners alike!

Shankar I


I am leaving a review as a property owner. I had to rent out my home through this company because I had to move out of state. My experience was positive overall. It didn’t take long for Mike to find a tenant for my property and he found a really good one who paid rent consistently on time.

I had to end renting my property not long ago and he did not give me a hard time about it. He coordinated with my realtor pretty well. If I find myself buying property in the area and having to rent it out, I know who to go back to.

Arnold B.
Austin, TX


Worked with Mike Sarvis at MPM for an year when we rented a townhouse in San Jose. Mike was patient at our walk through with three overly anal people nitpicking over every little thing. Almost all the concerns we had at the walk through was addressed by the time we moved in. The only thing that wasn’t was that some of the drawers still had nastiness from the previous folks left in them. But that blame should fall on the cleaning folks.

Jay N.
San Jose, CA


During our stay the maintenance guy they used was quick and responsive, which is a huge plus.
We were hoping to stay longer at the property, but the house was sold by the owner.
We recently had problems with our neighbor causing damage to our unit. Mike was available within an hour of my phone call, which was after business hours, and he quickly got contractors to the unit to assess the damage and start doing work immediately. I was impressed with the work, their willingness to work with our needs (allergies and chemical sensitivity), and their commitment to doing the right thing for not only the owner but the tenants as well.

Vincent G.
Morgan Hill, CA


I just finished almost 3 years tenancy with Metro Property Management. I was extremely happy in my home during that time, all my concerns were addressed, Mike and Sandra were helpful and flexible while I was negotiating my lease as I searched for my new home. The move out walk through was a great and Mike returned my full deposit in less than a week. Could not have been a better experience. I am so grateful! All in all I was highly satisfied and would wholeheartedly recommend Metro if you are looking to rent.

Sue C.
San Jose, CA


Mike has been taking care of my property for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier. When I first decided to rent out my condo, my biggest concern was how the heck I was going to manage issues that came up from the tenants. My friend referred me to Mike and after meeting him I immediately signed up. He was very patient in answering all of my questions, explained how everything would work if an issue came up and told me not worry, and I honestly haven’t! I definitely recommend Mike if you are considering renting out some property.

Dina W.
San Jose, CA


I was a tenant with Metro Property Management. My experience these past two years was fantastic. Mike was extremely professional, thorough and helpful. If at any time I had a question or needed maintenance work done, Mike was always quick to return the call and have Reno his maintenance worker sent over. Reno is also a great asset to the company. In the future I will be happy to refer others to Metro Property Management. Another huge plus was he had my FULL deposit back to me within a week of my move out date.

Mellissa C.
San Jose, CA


Mike has been managing our property for more than a year now and we are very happy about his work. He works hard for his customers, knows what he is doing, is very professional and expert at his area. If you are looking for an excellent property manager, Mike Sarvis is your guy.

Yuan C.
San Jose, CA


Mike Sarvis is an awesome person and it was great doing business with him, whenever we had issues he was there to help us.

Sankey A.
San Jose, CA


I have worked with Mike at MPM for almost 8 years. He manages a rental property that I own in San Jose. Everything about Mike is professional, honest, and thorough. The tenants are well screened, which is essential if you like to receive the rent consistently and timely. I highly recommend Mike and his company. You can’t go wrong.

Brian F.
Honolulu, HI


I worked with Mike for two years renting our house in San Jose and I am pleased with his professional attitude and the experience overall. He found reliable tenants quickly and managed the property very well. The ending of our cooperation was also very positive with a smooth transition to our property agent. I would recommend MPM without hesitation.

Peter S.
Chandler, AZ


I rented a condo near race street through Metro Property Management. The process went very smoothly, including meeting on time to show the property, the paper work and eventually access to the property to move in.
No issues at all; very pleasant to deal with.
I had two issue with maintenance that were dealt with immediately.
thumbs up.

Rick G.
Cupertino, CA


Mike and company were wonderful. When I was finishing up at university, and a brand-new hire in the East Side Union High School District, I had ONE weekend to find and secure a place to live before the school year began. I was relocating from Santa Barbara, so it was extremely important that I have a strong management team that was willing to work with me and complete the process while I was traveling back and forth.

I am happy to say that Metro was that team, and I can say with complete confidence that you will not be disappointed with their service.
Ian E.

San Jose


We moved into a home managed by Metro a few weeks ago. So far, everything has been great. Mike was very professional and thorough on the initial walk through and move in process. There have been a couple of issues with the home, but Mike has been very helpful on getting things resolved quickly. I would recommend Metro to anyone looking to rent!

Kris H.
Morgan Hill, CA


My boyfriend and I rented a condominium from MPM for the past year and a half. When we initially saw the unit listed on craigslist, we thought it was too good to be true. But, we gave the phone number a try and, sure enough, Mike, the owner of MPM, was on the other end! He arranged for a showing the same day (and a Sunday, mind you) and the unit was absolutely immaculate. We were stoked for the unit so we were willing to put up with the extensive application process — it’s clear that MPM really wants to understand what kind of people you are before placing you in one of their units. We had to dig up a lot of old info and all of my references confirmed that Mike actually called them to make sure our stories checked out. Mike processed our lease immediately after checking all of our references, allowing us to move in mid-month because he knew we were working on a tight timeline.

The only issues we had throughout the duration of the lease were out of MPM’s hands — an ant infestation and a plumbing fiasco from faulty pipes. Both were dealt with extremely quickly by Mike personally AND over the weekend. I can only imagine that a larger company would have waited until Monday to take care of the issues, but Mike must check his email and voicemail over the weekend because both times we received immediate calls back. Both issues were also covered by MPM or the condo association with no out-of-pocket costs for us.

MPM also offers an extremely convenient online rental payment system, which is an absolute lifesaver when we’re traveling for work and struggle to get our checks in the mail on time.

Overall, if you’re looking to rent from a professional group that deals with issues in an incredibly professional manner, go through MPM. Very little hassle, very timely response times on anything you need, and overall a great experience for the last year and a half.

Lexi P
San Francisco, CA


I recently rented a home in Willow Glen via Metro Property Management. I viewed the home on a Friday afternoon and submited my information packet the same day. I was called the following Sunday morning and was informed that the house was mine to rent upon completion of reference reviews. I signed the lease on Thursday. In all less than a week! Metro representatives has been professional and easy to work with. All rental property maintenance issues are addressed within a very reasonable short time frame. I am quite pleased and confident having Metro Property as my contact for renting this particular home.

Dean G.
San Jose, CA


My family is renting a house on Communications Hills from Metro Property Management and we have been extremely pleased with their service. The entire process was very smooth (viewing the house, application, contract, initial walk-through and getting keys). We have had two maintenance issues so far and Mike has handled both professionally and in a timely manner. We are happy to be renting from Metro!

Siramone M.
San Jose, CA


Mike with Metro Property Management was very personable and professional to work with during my two years renting a condo managed by him. The property was well maintained and any concerns were responded to quite quickly.

Elizabeth M.
Santa Clara, CA


I would like to share my experience, so others can benefit from my experience as a renter. At the time we applied for the rental my family consisted of myself and two children. Although, I was qualified financially and my credit was excellent, I was worried that as a single mother with two children I wouldn’t be considered. To my surprise Metro treated me with respect and the application process was conducted professionally. At move-in, an inspection was made and pictures were taken to document the condition of the house. During my stay, several maintenance problems developed and Metro sent their repair person to fix them by the next day. Metro maintained the property in tip-top shape and my family was proud to call the rental our home. When we notified Metro that we were moving there was no ambiguity as to what was expected of us as renters and how our security deposit was to be handled. My family cleaned the house thoroughly, and I received the full deposit back within ten days.

Dorothy E.
Banks, ID


My wife and me enjoyed the two years when we lived in a condo managed by Metro Property Management. Mike is a very nice person and offer timely help whenever needed. The move-in and move-out process are both very smooth and we get all our deposit back (of course after cleaning the house in a reasonable way).

Patrick Z.
Sunnyvale, CA


I am so incredibly pleased with the results of this transaction.
Truly, I could not have done this without you.

Mike….again a massive thank you for settling with the tenants and getting the unit up for sale. Your work was selfless and admirable.

Jeff….thank you for your quick work in marketing the property and getting it into escrow so quickly. I appreciate all that you did and your communication was amazing.

Again….this could not have happened without your amazing work and passion for what you do. As a long distance owner, I was completely in your hands and I always felt secure in everything that was going on, knowing you both were in charge.

Let me know if there is every anything I can do for you.

Brian F
San Diego


Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Minarik and Mike Sarvis on a successful real estate transaction. Originally, I hired Mike to serve as the property manager for a condo I was planning to rent. Mike was easy to work with and did a fantastic job of preparing the unit for the rental market and recruiting a desirable tenant. Thanks to Mike, there was never any issues to worry about. Through Mike, I met Jeff, who handled the sale of that unit. Like Mike, Jeff was easy to work with, knowledgeable about the ins and outs of real estate, trustworthy, and professional. I look forward to working with them again on my next transaction.

Adam Henig
Gilroy, California


Metro Property Management was the selling agent for our single-family home. Through the entire process, he was very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He answered all of our questions, both simple and complex, quickly and patiently. Mike & Jeff gave us sound advice without pressuring us to make any decision with which we were not comfortable. Even though our property was in another state (on the opposite coast in fact), Jeff made sure we always felt in control and on top of the process. It has been a pleasure working with him. Bests,



As out-of-state property owners, it was crucial that we could depend on our property management company to help us effectively manage our property and give us peace of mind.

Metro Property Management absolutely did that.

Since partnering with them to manage our Condo in San Jose in 2011, we have had very little to worry about! Mike and his team were able to secure a long term tenant who renewed her lease several times to live in our unit for 3 years. After recently moving out in 2015, we found that the tenant and Metro really took care of our place as it looked the same as it had when we moved out in 2011!  We appreciated that our property was always occupied and you helped to keep the expenses in check. The monthly income/expense statement was always accurate and easy to understand.  We found that you were very responsive and could email or call with any questions or concerns. As single unit owners that were not professional property owners, this was much appreciated, you helped keep it simple.

This year when we were ready to sell, you were also there for us! Metro and their real estate team (Jeff Minarik) also provided the best deal to help us take advantage of the climbing Bay Area housing market. Jeff really took care of managing it all! From cleaning to painting to minor maintenance and repairs before sale. Jeff listed our place quickly and sold it just as quickly, getting the highest offer to date in the neighborhood. Even though we are a state away, it was a quick, smooth and easy process, we still can’t believe it!

Thank you so much for getting us through the tough housing situation in CA from 2011 to now and getting us the best deal when we were ready to sell! Keep up the good work.


Annie and Greg C.
Phoenix, AZ – San Jose, CA property owners
June 2015


I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for doing an excellent job in managing my property this past year.  You made it totally worry-free for me and I knew my place was in good hands.  I also appreciated all of your help and support during the sale process.  It was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you again for everything and I wish you all the best always!

Kind regards,



I’ve worked with MPM for almost a year now for my rental property and have been very pleased with my experience so far. Mike is great at taking care of all the paperwork, rental postings, potential tenant screenings, etc and I never had to worry one bit about the whole process of finding a tenant. He does the research on different vendors so that we have options to chose from (ie. cleaning services, etc). For any issues reported by the tenant, Mike has always quickly communicated this to me so that we can make a decision on how we can quickly resolve the problem. Mike is very professional and a pleasure to work with, I definitely recommend MPM for any residential property management!

Crystal D.




I had lived in my home in Willow Glen since 1985. As 2011 began so did the changes to our lifestyle begin and the move to a home out of state.

Mike Sarvis, Metro Property Mgmt. Co., was recommended to manage our home as a rental. From the moment I met Mike I realized that he cared about us personally.

Prior to the home being rented, Mike came to my home to water and weed the gardens, and please note, he said he wouldn’t accept management fees until the house rented. He made all necessary arrangements to showcase our home in the same quaint manner that we had treasured for 26yrs. Mike’s a tremendous communicator and has this incredible insight to my needs. He NEVER assumes what I expect, He ALWAYs calls to discuss options. Trust is important to me. Metro Property Mgmt. Co. provides me the utmost trust and honesty. Mike Sarvis is the consummate professional who truly has dedicated himself to the best interest of not just me but of all parties concerned.

Cathy Rounds



I have known Metro PM for a long time. Metro has been managing a fourplex. Mike’s Masters Degree coupled with upper management experience in both commercial and residential makes for great success to the property owner as well as the occupant. I would recommend their services.

Jeff Minarik


Metro Property Management is a God-send. As a condo-owner with very little time on my hands, I am thrilled that Mike takes the worry out of renting out my home. Did I mention he handles everything with a smile? From rental interviews to getting an appliance serviced, he tackles it all. I heartily recommend this gem of a company!

Vayna Erickson



Moving out of my family home and putting it up to rent was a difficult thing to do. I was fearful someone would move in and not take care of it the way my family did. I had no worries once Metro Property Management started handling everything. They found great tenants and were always there if I had any concern about my house. Being across the country in Florida, I was able to sleep at night knowing my house was in good hands.”

Jennifer Davis


Metro Property Management treats our property as if it were their own. They protect the value of our properties through proactive management. They thoroughly screen applicants and do their due diligence of perspective tenants up front to minimize problems down the line.

Metro Property Management believes in building a partnership with property owners in order to foster a long term mutually beneficial relationship. In the past we have found ourselves “managing our property managers”, that is not the case with Metro Property Management – they know what they are doing and keep you apprised and informed along the way. We are very happy with Metro Property Management and sure others would be too!

John & Tom Amendola


Mike Sarvis at Metro Property Management has been managing my property in San Jose over a year now. I am very satisfied with the service I’ve received. Since I live in San Diego it is very hard for me to do hands on property management myself. I’ve had bad property managers in the past and now I feel I’ve got one of the best!

Joseph G. Spinali


I would recommend Metro Property Management for anyone in need of professional property management services. Mike and his team are very professional, and having them manage my property has given me tremendous peace of mind. When it came time to rent out my condo, Mike made suggestions to make the apartment more appealing to renters. He also secured the handymen and vendors to do any of the work that he recommended, and made sure the work got done satisfactorily and quickly. He always submitted to me several bids, and informed me of his previous experiences with any of the vendors and repair companies. Mike also strictly screens all applicants, and has set criteria that he follows to ensure we only rent to high quality tenants. If any problems arise during the tenancy, or with my property, Mike has always taken care of the issues, informing me of each step along the way to resolution. He has taken full responsibility for everything that happens, and professionally resolves everything for me. His accounting is easy to understand, and his payments to me are timely. He is very attuned to the local real estate market, and has provided me with information from time to time to keep me informed as well. I am lucky to have found Mike and Metro Property Management, as they have continue to exceed my expectations with their diligent and focused work.”

Brian Fusco



To Whom It May Concern:
As a property owner, I have had the pleasure of knowing Metro Property Management for more than a year now. Mike from Metro has been a tremendous individual and an asset to my property. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Metro Property Management for your property’s management needs.

I feel confident that Metro Property Management will continue to succeed in their business. Mike is a dedicated and business savy individual, thus far the service I have received, has been exemplary. In times, Mike has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans, offer insight, and suggestions in the management of my property.

Mike is trustworthy and his advice has been a great help to me and my business decisions regarding my property. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Mike and Metro Property Management without reservation. Their drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your property’s needs.

Wendell Rios


I think you are so excellent as a property manager I am so pleased because you keep me informed about the house, and the financial statements too as well as when I was in another state. You are the best overseer ever I had in the past and present. It is a honestly statement of me saying this word.

Yvonne Montalette


I dealt exclusively with Mike Sarvis when recruiting Metro Property Management to rent my house in San Jose. His professional manner and personable demeanor instilled the confidence necessary in me to hire Metro Property Management to handle the rental obligations of my family’s former home. I was very pleased with the decision as my house was rented in a short time to a well qualified couple. I receive my rent checks in a timely manner every month around the same date and receive my end of the year statements promptly in January.

Thanks Mike!
James Richardson


There is a lot of uncertainty when becoming a landlord for the first time. The thought of getting the maintenance request call and collecting rent was not the most appealing concept for us, especially for my wife. But after speaking to metro property management we decided to go for it. Starting with the initial consultation with Sandra we were put at ease, knowing that she had excellent experience not only with how the rental market works but also in dealing with tenants and maintenance contractors.

Sandra was exceptionally helpful with her attention to detail. Her sensitivity to the needs of our tenants made marketing our property a breeze. We were blessed with great tenants, after only a few weeks of the rental being on the market. This is a landlords dream come true. We also appreciated mike’s knowledge of the current real estate market and rental market. They were always prompt in answering our questions.

After 14 months of mike and Sandra managing our property, we have no regrets in our decision to be a landlord. In the future, we are absolutely certain that we will use Metro to assist in our business rental needs. Personally, i do not understand how anyone could go without using Metro to handle details & rental legalities. Metro property management made a very complex process simple for us.

Dwaine & Meredith Jugoz


My reputation and livelihood are at stake, so I am very particular when making recommendations about service providers to my clients. As a real estate agent with Alian Pinel Realtors, I strongly recommend Metro Property Management and its founder Mike Sarvis to my clients. I have known Mr. Sarvis professionally for over six years and have witnessed his dedication to providing clients with comprehensive real estate and management services. Mr. Sarvis’ team of professionals provides counsel and guidance to clients so they may achieve their real estate investment objectives. He does this by developing a customized financial plan that maximizes a property’s rental income while tightly controlling operating expenses. What distinguishes Metro Property Management from it competitors is their outstanding commitment to customer service. They recognize that a financial plan is meaningless without being responsive to both the needs of their clients and their tenants. Once again it is without hesitation that I offer my recommend of Metro Property Management.

Benedict Pedro
Alian Pinel Realtors
President’s Club



Using Metro Property Management have proven to be a great decision. I’ve used their service for renting out and maintaining my condo. They’ve often gone out of their way to make life easier for me. When I moved out of my condo before renting it out, Mike even saved some of the stuff that I had forgotten during the move just in case I needed them. They care about both my interests and the interests of my tenant, which is very important to me. Metro Property Management’s extra care on top of their impeccable professionalism has made me worry-free and that’s why I would highly recommend them if you want to rent out your property.

Zhou Yu

apple computer logo_thumb

… during your more than five years… you demonstrated excellent knowledge and experience in handling many real estate transactions.”

Glenn N. Barber, Vice President
Real Estate, Construction, and Facilities
Apple Computer, Inc.

apple computer logo_thumb

Mike has an excellent knowledge and experience in handling all types of real estate transactions and the daily problems associated with the management of properties.”

Robert Hecox
Manager, Corporate Real Estate
Apple Computer, Inc.

apple computer logo_thumb

Mike is an effective and aggressive representative of Apple in negotiations…” “I view his services as invaluable and exceptional.”

Jerry Malec
Vice President, Marketing
Apple Computer, Inc.

Mike has always demonstrated a willingness to satisfy customer requirement, expertise in comprehensive financial analyses…and the ability to execute favorable transactions in a timely manner.”

David A. Montanaro, Director of Manufacturing
Motorola Satellite Communications

applied Materials logo_thumb

I am pleased to offer my recommendation for Mike Sarvis.”

J.M. Hogan, Real Estate Manager
Applied Materials

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I have been particularly impressed with Mr. Sarvis’ ability to effectively negotiate contracts achieving terms and conditions favorable to the corporation.” I am confident that you will be pleased with his performance.”

Bill Erdman, Manager, Corporate Real Estate
GTE Sprint


Mike has been a welcome asset…and has more than fulfilled our expectations.” “He is an excellent negotiator and consistently achieved results that exceed our expectations.” “he has always been meticulous in insuring that all key issues are carefully addressed and that no careless mistakes are made.” “I would not hesitate to recommend him as a real estate consultant.”

Ernest J. Piccone, Real Estate Manager
Tandem Computers Inc.
UB Networks

Mr. Sarvis demonstrated a high degree of technical expertise in the areas of financial analysis, business and legal issues, as well as in-depth knowledge…: His attention to detail and pleasant demeanor during sometimes strained negotiations made him a valuable asset to UB Networks.” “Without hesitation or qualification, I highly recommend Mr. Sarvis.”

Robert A. Reeves Manager, Corporate Facilities
Fults Associates

I have worked closely with Mike Sarvis at Tandem Computers on several complex real estate transactions…” “Mike exhibited an excellent grasp of many skills including the analyzation of different locational alternative, the negotiation of a myriad of business and legal points…

Riis Christensen, Vice President

Swearingen Logo_thumb

…it is easy to understand why we are able to highly recommend Mike to anyone in the profession of real estate.

William A Lawley, CPM, Partner
Chris G. Teesdale, SIOR, Partner
The Swearingen Company–Dallas